Clynx traveled to Dubai 🇦🇪

Our Co-founders Joana Pinto and Gonçalo Chambel traveled to Dubai to participate in the 45th World Hospital Congress which took place between the 9th and the 11th of November.


In this article we review the main points of this visit and the Portuguese representation at the event!

About the Congress

The World Hospital Congress provides a unique global forum that brings together members of the International Hospital Federation, leaders and decision-makers from hospitals, health services, and healthcare organizations to discuss key drivers of national and international policy, leadership, management, service delivery, trends and financial solutions.

Through this forum, participants can share knowledge and best practices, exchange new ideas and innovations, and network with other senior executives from across the international healthcare community. It is the perfect venue for healthcare executives and managers looking for the opportunity to participate in a 360-degree learning and knowledge-sharing experience.

This year's main theme was, "Global Learning, Local Actions: Sustainable Health Care".

We presented a Poster about our Study “A Longitudinal Study on Upper-limp Telerehabilitation Based on Gamified and Personalised Interventions”

This trip had as main purpose the presentation of the Poster about the Study "A Longitudinal Study on Upper-limp Telerehabilitation Based on Gamified and Personalised Interventions", resulting from the partnership with Centro Hospitalar do Oeste E.P.E. and Instituto de Telecomunicações - Lisbon. 📃

Photo: Our co-founders with Dr. Elsa Baião, President of the Board of Directors of Centro Hospitalar do Oeste E.P.E.

We created Bonds that we are Proud of

During these days we had the opportunity to meet fantastic Healthcare Professionals and without a doubt we were very proud of the Portuguese representation in this congress! Among the fantastic people we met, we collected some testimonials, among which we leave one that we consider very important and that we should all reflect on: Throughout the corridors there was a unanimous idea that "for there to be innovation and progress it is essential to have qualified and motivated human resources”.

The Globalization of today's markets, as well as their demands and the competitiveness among them, dictate the urgency for them to differentiate themselves. There are several factors that can contribute to differentiation, however, Human Resources are increasingly "the factor" to be taken into account in order to have not only differentiation but also innovation.

In this context, human resources play an important role in the progress of innovation, and we can even say that the development of human resources is like a door to modernization.

Photo: Physiatrist Dr. Nuno Côrte-Real / Physiatrist Dr. Fisiatra Catarina Aguiar Branco

Photo: Dr. Anabela Canhola / Physiatrist Dr. Fernando Almeida and Physiatrist Dr. Catarina Aguiar Branco

Photo: Dr. Isabel Marcos, Dr. João Rosa Rijo, Dr. Brigitte Viegas and Dr. Luísa Rocha

We Visited the Mediclinic Parkview Hospital

We had some highlights this week, besides the Poster presentation and the view of the Burj Khalifa, another highlight of our week, was the visit to Mediclinic Parkview Hospital where we were welcomed by Deputy Hospital Director Dr. Simon Wright and Marketing Manager Dr. Shadi Sallam, who gave us a tour of some of the Departments at the Hospital, namely the Radiology and Sports Medicine Departments.

It was definitely a different week for Clynx, not only because we exchanged the cold of Lisbon for the heat of Dubai, but also because we were present at the Congress and had the opportunity to present a Poster about our Study!

Next year Portugal will host the 46th World Hospital Congress (WHC) 🇵🇹

Portugal will host the 46th World Hospital Congress (WHC), already next year! It will take place at the Lisbon Congress Center, between October 25th and 27th, under the High Sponsorship of His Excellency, the President of the Republic Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, and will be organized by the Portuguese Consortium, consisting of three associations from the Health Area - the Portuguese Association for Hospital Development (APDH), the Portuguese Association of Private Hospitalization (APHP) and the Portuguese Association of Hospital Administrators (APAH), which will work together with the IHF to host this global event in Portugal.

Shall we meet next year?

November 2022