RTP1 Interview with the SAFE-HOME Project 🇬🇧🇵🇹

We are delighted to announce that the SAFE-HOME project, which focused on caring for and improving the quality of life of the elderly, has come to an end. The end of this project represents not only a milestone of success, but also the beginning of a new era in the care and attention to the elderly population.

Being part of Rehabilitation 🇵🇹

In physical rehabilitation, as in life, we have to face unexpected challenges and "coping", for example, is one of the tools that helps to deal with these adversities, by addressing cognitive and behavioral efforts to face stress.

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Digital Physiotherapy is our love language 🇬🇧

In an age where technology has played a crucial role in many areas of our lives, it is fascinating to witness its application in the field of health and rehabilitation. Digital physiotherapy emerges as a remarkable example, showing that innovation can also be a way of expressing our care and affection for others.

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Physiotherapy in Motion  🇵🇹

During the week commemorating World Physiotherapy Day, we held the "Physiotherapy in Motion" event. Throughout the week dedicated to physiotherapy, we traveled from the north to the south of the country, joining forces with our partner clinics, and carried out a series of stimulating and informative activities.


Pain and Solutions in Physiotherapy 🇵🇹

Immerse yourself in this narrative that mirrors the reality of many of us: facing physical challenges and looking for effective solutions for our health. This text makes us reflect by talking about the journey of individuals as diverse as Alice, Tiago, Sofia, Martim and Mrs. Fátima, who, although fictitious, could be any one of us.

Clynx's first 6 months in 2023! 🇬🇧
JULY 2023

They say that "time flies when you're having fun, and the truth is we've had a lot of fun this past semester. We are building a solid company culture based on collaboration, innovation, and excellence and ready to tackle new projects, expand our reach, and build lasting relationships with customers and partners and a more digital future for healthcare.

Clynx created Ava the fox to help young people explore Mental Health, Sustainability, and Social Inclusion in a serious game format! 🇬🇧
JUNE 2023

The "Play With Your Future" project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ - Youth in Action program, is a project promoted by the Red Cross Youth. It aims to create and implement an innovative non-formal education tool, which takes the format of a digital game and aims to raise awareness of the general objectives of the European Union (EU) Strategy for Youth, focusing on mental health and well-being.

Clynx is a finalist in the Startup PitchFest's "Most Promising Startups" category!  🇬🇧
MAY 2023

The long-awaited European Healthcare Conference and Exhibition - HIMSS23 is about to happen, and this year it is hosting the Startup PitchFest for the first time, where Clynx is a finalist in the "Most Promising Startups" category!


Leadership in Physiotherapy! 🇵🇹
APRIL 2023

A physiotherapist can be a leader. Whenever he educates a patient, and whenever he is an agent of change and evolution in healthcare.

Clynx has a new image: lighter and more inspiring! 🇬🇧
APRIL 2023

This rebranding aims to be closer and closer to all entities and people that can use this solution. The cause and motivation of Clynx has not changed, it just has a new face: new slogan and product name!

Casa do Impacto
With a new slogan but with the same purpose! 🇵🇹
APRIL 2023

With this renewed slogan we were able to aggregate some of the main value propositions that Clynx offers from its digital and serious games approach and bring Clynx closer to everyone that can use our solution.

Jornal Económico
A Project focused on Healthy Aging  🇬🇧
MARCH 2021

Through this collaboration we have realized that we can significantly improve the quality of life of the elderly and we can easily implement it anywhere in the world, offering new hope for healthy and happy aging.

Clynx is distinguished by the work with CUF clinics 🇵🇹

Ceremony to award the Grow Innovation Award distinguished two startups: Clynx and Vialytics. Jury decided based on the "intrinsic potential of each startup" and the results of the pilot projects carried out.

Jornal de Negócios Highlighted
Partnership with CHOeste (NHS) featured at SIC Notícias 🇵🇹

Our product Clynx Plataform is featured by the TV national broadcaster, SIC Notícias, in the context of the partnership between Clynx and CHOeste.

Exame Informática & SIC Notícias Highlighted
Digital transformation has nothing to do with technology! 🇵🇹
MARCH 2023

The digital transformation has had its own “growing pains” and adoption challenges. (...) it is thus up to institutions and organizations (both public and private), to adapt to the constant development of these new digital technologies and applications.

Opinion Article
Have you ever heard of Person-Centered Care? 🇵🇹

Read the Opinion Article that our Co-founder and CEO wrote for P3 on this topic and learn more about it!

The role of Marketing in Digital Health and in promoting a better Future! 🇵🇹

Digitization in the health sector has been one of the great trends of recent years. Marketing has played a crucial role in its implementation. (…) But will that be enough for Marketing to be seen as a powerful tool to promote change and a better future?

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 The 7th edition of the Cuatrecasas Acelera Program has ended  🇬🇧

During 4 months we divided ourselves between Madrid and Barcelona and had the privilege of meeting fantastic people and participating in several training and networking days.

200% increase in Health claims...enough for red bracelet?" 🇵🇹

Health is one of the essential pillars for Quality of Life and in Portugal it is, in fact, coupled with the goal of universal access to all Portuguese, as would be the desire of António Arnaut when he idealized the SNS. But is that happening?

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From Portugal to the Netherlands 🇬🇧

We started in October the Pharaon Project a new Pilot Project this time in the Netherlands, which aims to contribute to a more dignified and healthy aging.

Clynx traveled to Dubai 🇬🇧

Our Co-founders Joana Pinto and Gonçalo Chambel traveled to Dubai to participate in the 45th World Hospital Congress which took place between the 9th and the 11th of November.

Clynx was selected to join 7th edition of the Cuatrecasas Acelera Programme 🇵🇹

Clynx was one of the six start-ups selected for the 7th edition of the start-up acceleration programme Cuatrecasas, being the first Portuguese start-up to be part of the programme.

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Clynx flew to Glasgow to attend the EMBC22 Conference from IEEE 🇵🇹
JULY 2022

Our Co-founder & CTO Gonçalo Chambel flew to Glasgow to attend the 44th International Conference on Engineering in Medicine and Biology, to present the study "Effectiveness of a Gamified and Home-Based Approach for Upper-limb Rehabilitation".

Portugal Exporta, AICEP
More than 100 Patients have already used Clynx Plataform in Centro Hospitalar do Oeste! 🇵🇹
JUNE 2022

To mark this very important goal, we went to talk with the Team implementing this Project in Centro Hospitalar do Oeste - Unidade de Caldas da Rainha!

We have had our first International Pilot Actions! 🇬🇧
MAY 2022

Within the ACSELL Interreg Europe project, a Pilot Action was created with partners in Germany and Italy accompanied by LiCalab through the creation of co-creation sessions and a Human Factor Study.

Clynx was interviewed by Jornal Económico 🇵🇹
MARCH 2022

Our CEO Joana Pinto and our CTO Gonçalo Chambel, spoke to Jornal Económico, where they talked about the future of Clynx 🚀

Jornal Económico
“Sun Protection” 🇵🇹
MARCH 2022

Some TIPs to help protect your skin from the sun all year round!

Clynx Tips
Barcelona - Mobile World Congress 🇵🇹

Clynx attended the MWC and 4YFN in Barcelona! During 4 days we had the opportunity to introduce our Digital Physiotherapy Solution, as well as our vision as entrepreneurs about its future.

Sapo Tek
Workshop "Digital Physiotherapy" 🇵🇹

The partnership with Escola Superior de Saúde de Santa Maria, took shape with the realization of the Workshop "Digital Physiotherapy" conducted by Alessandra Amaral.

Clynx attended the Sociedade Civil Programme 🇵🇹

Our CEO Joana Pinto spoke to Journalist Luís Castro on today's Sociedade Civil Programme, with the theme "Projetar 2022: tecnologia", on RTP2.

“How to get hydrated and healthy skin in winter?” 🇵🇹

Winter is not exactly a friend of our skin. Several factors make the skin drier, with a dull and lifeless appearance.

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Podcast "What the State Does" 🇵🇹

Find out how Centro Hospitalar do Oeste benefited from the partnership with Clynx to cope with the pressure caused by Covid-19 in the Physiotherapy care.

“How to recover from the excesses of the festivities” 🇵🇹

Studies show that six out of ten people gain between two and three kilos due to excesses committed during the Christmas season.

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2021 in Review 🇵🇹🇬🇧

Clynx will remember 2021 as a year of many changes, new challenges, growth, and, most importantly, many successes and achievements.

Review the most important ones!

Coffee With the Physiotherapist Cláudia Álvaro 🇵🇹🇬🇧

An informal conversation about some of the most important and current topics in the field of digitalization in physiotherapy. Physiotherapist Cláudia Álvaro has been using Clynx Plataform with her patients at CUF Alvalade, and in this talk she answers the most frequently asked questions.

Our CEO, Joana Pinto, was invited to Spe Futuri, Investidores 🇵🇹

Our CEO, Joana Pinto, was interviewed by Ricardo Luz at Spe Futuri, Investidores, alongside João Mil-Homens, responsible for the José de Mello group's Grow programme.

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Clynx was interviewed by Dinheiro Vivo 🇵🇹

Joana Pinto and Gonçalo Chambel, the founders of Clynx, spoke with Dinheiro Vivo and talked a little bit more about Clynx and its future plans.

Dinheiro Vivo
Casa do Impacto talked with our co-founders 🇬🇧

Clynx had the honor of being one of ten startups to participate in Casa do Impacto Rise for Impact program over the last three months, achieving the goal by sharing its performance in Physiotherapy digitization, as well as showing all of the challenges and its full potential.

Casa do Impacto
“Muscle Pain during the Winter” 🇵🇹

In winter and generally on cold days, there is a greater tendency for muscle tension and pain, as the muscles are more contracted due to low temperatures.

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Clynx attended the APDSI conference 🇵🇹

Clynx attended the APDSI conference "Dados e Conhecimento em Saúde: um sonho ou uma realidade? where our co-founder and CEO, Joana Pinto, shared Clynx performance in digitalization in Physiotherapy, as well as all its potential and challenges.

“Every head has its own headache” 🇵🇹

Headache is a common symptom, which is usually related to excess stress, however it can have other causes.

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Clynx raises €150K Pre-seed investment round 🇬🇧

We spoke with Demium about the current phase, the €150K investment and everything that entails, as well as the importance of partnering with them.

“Tired Legs” 🇵🇹

It is a problem of about a third of the Portuguese population and that affects mostly women.

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“Burnout” 🇵🇹

We have all heard of or heard of someone who has suffered from Burnout. This syndrome is something increasingly common, due to the unbridled lifestyle so characteristic of our current society.

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Clynx is the Winner at José de Mello's Grow Innovation Award🇵🇹

Ceremony to award the Grow Innovation Award distinguished two startups: Clynx and Vialytics. Jury decided based on the "intrinsic potential of each startup" and the results of the pilot projects carried out.

Jornal de Negócios
“We’ve got your back” 🇵🇹

Who has never felt back pain or that their posture should be improved?

Clynx Tips
"Innovating Together" 🇵🇹
JUNE 2021

It is a great pleasure to see our partnership with CUF and Grow being presented in this excellent essay on the relevance of corporate&startups collaborations towards innovation.

Isabel Caetano, Et Cetera magazine - Jornal Económico
Debate at the Lisbon Entrepreneurship Week! 🇵🇹
MAY 2021

Clynx was invited, by Grow by José de Mello and CUF, to debate on the role of large companies in supporting startups and about creating impactful collaborations.

Grow by José de Mello
Coffee with the CEO and CTO 🇬🇧
APRIL 2021

Our CEO, Joana Pinto, and CTO, Gonçalo Chambel, were invited by EIT Health to talk on this webinar session as #DigitalHealth alumni startup in the EIT Health InnoStars Awards.

EIT Health Alumni Network
Podcast: "An Idea that will change the Healthcare field" with Joana Pinto 🇵🇹
APRIL 2021

Participation of our CEO and co-founder, Joana Pinto, in the "Pode Acontecer" Podcast. Do not miss this talk about the idea of behind including technology and videogames in Physiotherapy treatments.

Pode Acontecer by Rodolfo Cardoso
Physiotherapists use gamification to treat patients in telerehabilitation 🇵🇹

Check the testimonials of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation team, by Dr. Susana Caetano and Physiotherapists Leonor Adrião, Paulo Clemente and Paula Gabriel. Elsa Baião, chairman of the CHOeste Board of Directors, explains the importance of this innovation.

Hospital Público, Just News
Our co-founder and CTO, Gonçalo Chambel, was on the Podcast E = mc2 🇵🇹

In this podcast, this conversation revolved aroud the importance of technology and video games in Physiotherapy treatments.

E=mc2, Rádio Observador
Partnership with CHOeste (NHS) featured at SIC Notícias 🇵🇹

Our product Clynx Plataform is featured by the TV national broadcaster, SIC Notícias, in the context of the partnership between Clynx and CHOeste.

Exame Informática & SIC Notícias
"Startup brings videogames to Physiotherapy sessions" 🇵🇹

This news, written by journalist Sara Sá, introduces Clynx mission and describes our product Clynx Plataform!

Exame Informática & Revista Visão
Interview with Physiotherapist Márcia Andrade 🇵🇹

Learn more about her Professional journey, Clinical Pilates the Future of Health!

Clynx & Pilates at Home
Digital Health Solutions - Innovation Market Place 🇬🇧

We will introduce Clynx Plataform at the Joint EIT Health Germany & EIT Health Innostars Symposium.

EIT Health Germany & EIT Health InnoStars
Clynx amonsgt the TOP 10 at HINTT 2020 🇵🇹

Glintt considered Clynx one of the most promising startups at this edition of the contest.

Glintt & Diário de Notícias
Clynx Plataform in Pilot at Centro Hospitalar do Oeste 🇵🇹

Telerehabilitation project in collaboration with Centro Hospitalar do Oeste E.P.E. and Instituto de Telecomunicações.

Centro Hospitalar do Oeste E.P.E
Portuguese Digital Health reaction to COVID-19 🇬🇧
MAY 2020

Our Physiotherapy telecare platform is available nationwide.

Value for Health Colab
Startup winner at GovTech 🇵🇹

Clynx was amongst the 3 startups that won the portuguese governement contest.

Instituto Superior Técnico
Pilot study at CUF Alvalade 🇵🇹

Interview about our first in-clinic pilot, for the TV national broadcaster, RTP.

Portugal em Direto & RTP
Web Summit '18 🇵🇹

Interview with the entrepreneur and physiotherapist Hugo Belchior.

Hugo Belchior, Empreendedores.pt
ANEEB Interview 🇵🇹

Clynx was interviewed by the portuguese association of Biomedical Engeneering students.

ANEEB - Associação Nacional de Estudantes de Engenharia Biomédica
EIT Health InnoStars Awards 🇵🇹
JULY 2018

Clynx was recognized at the european healthcare startups competition.

Instituto Superior Técnico
✍️ info@clynx.io