A Project focused on the importance of Healthy Aging!

March 2023


Clynx's participation in the Pharaon Project in the Netherlands has been a remarkable success in developing digital solutions in order to promote healthy aging. Using technology to improve the quality of life of older people is a significant challenge, and Clynx has been at the forefront of this effort by providing an innovative and effective digital health solution to improve the health and well-being of older adults.

In the first part of the pilot, the Clynx digital health solution was implemented at the TechMed Center in a place called Living Lab at the University of Twente. The Clynx team worked hand in hand with researchers at the University to ensure that the solution was seamlessly integrated with the existing infrastructure and met the specific needs of elderly patients. This first part of the pilot allowed improvements to be made to the Clynx Platform (formerly called Motiphy+) taking into account the feedback given by the patients who used it in this first phase.

“We had only little time to run two studies with older adults: One in the lab and one at people’s home, both in the Netherlands. It was a challenge, but we made it work. The people that participated in the studies were really enthusiastic to try out Motiphy+ and to think along about how to improve the solution. I think the two studies have provided us with very important and valuable insights. If we know how to best apply digital solutions to stimulate physical exercise in older adults we have the opportunity to ultimately improve quality of life of older adults.”

Angelique Tinga

Coordinator of the Pilot in the Netherlands Pharaon Project

In the second part of the project, the University of Twente brought the technological solution into people's homes. In this second part, our solution was used by 11 people from Enschede and the surrounding area, who used our solution for a week in the comfort of their homes, providing them with more autonomy and independence in their daily lives, with exercises for physical and cognitive stimulation. The results of this second part of the pilot project were very positive, the participants exercised with great enthusiasm and gave very valuable feedback.

According to Eva Siderakis, from the National Foundation for the Elderly. “We saw advantage in the solution of Clynx, since it pays attention to cognitive and physical exercise. These are important factors in active, healthy aging. Physical exercise trains mobility, balance and strength. Cognitive exercise fosters memory and reasoning, amongst others. These capacities encourage independence and self-reliance of elderly, so they can live independently at home longer. The Dutch culture is more individualistic, compared to -for example- many of the southern European countries. Living longer at home is promoted by the Dutch government. This makes independence and self-reliance even more important.”

Dirk Vinkel, from AdSysCo, added "The Clynx platform has been integrated with the platform RegiCare, that is a software solution that supports processes in healthcare and welfare" which was a key step in promoting the integration of different solutions within the Dutch Pharaon Pilot.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Clynx and the Pharaon Project represents an innovative approach to improving the health and well-being of older patients.

The Clynx Platform and the approach tested in this partnership has the potential to significantly improve the quality of life of the elderly and we can see that it can easily be implemented anywhere in the world, offering new hope for healthy and happy ageing!

This article was written by Ana Cortez.

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